What would you do?

When you start a new relationship, there are some wonderful things that accompany it in the beginning, such as that first kiss, butterflies in your stomach, no farting, and so on. …


There used to be a time where I was an innocent girl. As a matter of fact, you would never know it, but I was a late bloomer. I had no idea where babies came from until I was about 10 years old. Nowadays, that’s unheard of; you would be…

A Pride and Prejudice’s Modern Proposal

“I have been putting up with this B.S. for a while now, but enough is enough. I’m not bottling up that crap inside anymore.

I am in love with you. My confession will irritate my friends and family, who clearly think that I should have set higher standards for myself…

Coco Garcia

Cat lover and entrepreneur. Writer for The Haven and ILLUMINATION

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